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    A short paragraph explains how the Rev. T.W.L. Roundtree (likely I.W.L. Roundtree), the African Methodist Episcopal Church pastor in Englewood, was banned from Dwight Chapel due to a controversy with those who led the church. 
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    The B.P.O.E. Englewood Elks #1157 opened their new lodge and held a celebration.
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    A newspaper article tells how Charles Henry Booth is the oldest insurance policy-holder in the world. 
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    Charles Henry Booth was a business owner in New York. He worked his way up to become a senior partner of a wholesale dry goods company named Booth & Tuttle, which was later changed to Booth & Company. He retired in Englewood. He was recognized as the oldest insurance policyholder of The Mutual Life Insurance Company in 1903. William Angus Booth is his brother.
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    James Harrison Dwight was the first minister of The First Presbyterian Church. This church is the oldest in Englewood. He served from 1860 to 1861. He continued after a leave of absence to serve in the Civil War. He resigned in 1867. He was the son of minister Harrison Gray Otis Dwight. His half-sister was Cornelia P. Dwight
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    A newspaper article discusses the history of the First Presbyterian Church in Englewood.
  • George Coe Shooting The_Morning_Call_1886_05_07_7.jpg

    A Newspaper article describes the shooting of George Coe, who was fatally shot during a burglary. 
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    Dwight Chapel belonged to the First Presbyterian Church. The Church cornerstone was laid on February 22, 1869. It was finished in 1883 on Palisade Avenue and William Street. It was later moved to Palisade and Lafayette Avenues. 

    The first Reverand of the chapel was James Eells. He was succeeded on May 2, 1897, by Reverand Samuel Munce Hamilton. Reverand Bruce S. Wright was the third leader of the church from October to December 1918. Reverand Robert Davis served as minister in 1919. Reverand Carl H. Elmore began that same year and served until 1944. Reverand Sr. Edwin O. Kennedy succeeded him. 
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    A newspaper article describes how Mayor Michael Wildes created a task force made up of Latinx activists to investigate the claim that recent home inspections on Latinx residents were targeted and violated civil rights.
  • Dr Helen Moran Medical exams domestics The_Record_1934_04_24_8.jpg

    A newspaper article describes how Dr. Helen Moran gave medical examinations to nursemaids and domestic workers employed by families in the area.
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