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  • Thomas J. Huckin.jpeg

    Thomas J. Huckin was a Bergen County prosecutor and a judge. He graduated from the Englewood public school system. He became a district judge in 1912 and a prosecutor in 1915. He was a Bergen County Bar Association member and the Englewood Board of Education. He was also president of the Englewood Common Council. He was also the first exalted ruler of Elks Lodge #1157. 

    He married May E. Bentley in 1905. He had at least two sons, Richard Springer and Paul Thomas, who both were lawyers. His nephew Le Roy was a lawyer as well. 
  • Hackensack Elks Lodge.jpg

    Hackensack B.P.O.E. Elks Lodge #658 was instituted in 1901.
  • Alfred T. Holley.jpg

    Alfred T. Holley was a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Military. He joined in 1889 and served in the Spanish-American War. He retired in 1909. He was a member of the B.P.O.E Hackensack Elks, Lodge 658, and was elected exalted ruler four times. He was also a businessman and was president of Holley and Smith coal and oil company.

    He married Alice Beatrice Herbert in April of 1914.
  • News in Brief.jpg

    A short paragraph explains how the Rev. T.W.L. Roundtree (likely I.W.L. Roundtree), the African Methodist Episcopal Church pastor in Englewood, was banned from Dwight Chapel due to a controversy with those who led the church. 
  • Cornelia P. Dwight.jpg

    Cornelia P. Dwight was a missionary of the American Board of Foreign Missions in Turkey. She was also a mathematics professor at Elmira College from 1886 to 1910. She was the daughter of minister Harrison Gray Otis Dwight. She was the half-sister of James Harrison Dwight.
  • The serving church.jpg

    A newspaper article discusses the Bethany Presbyterian Church's 100-year celebration. The history of the church is covered as well.
  • Elks The_Record_1912_11_29_1.jpg

    The B.P.O.E. Englewood Elks #1157 opened their new lodge and held a celebration.
  • Charles Henry Booth The_Morris_County_Chronicle_1903_09_25_5.jpg

    A newspaper article tells how Charles Henry Booth is the oldest insurance policy-holder in the world. 
  • Charles Henry Booth.jpg

    Charles Henry Booth was a business owner in New York. He worked his way up to become a senior partner of a wholesale dry goods company named Booth & Tuttle, which was later changed to Booth & Company. He retired in Englewood. He was recognized as the oldest insurance policyholder of The Mutual Life Insurance Company in 1903. William Angus Booth is his brother.
  • A Tribute to a Good Man Passaic_Daily_News_1891_02_17_2.jpg

    An obituary for James Harrison Dwight. A memorial tablet was made in his honor.
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