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  • A&P Super Market The_Record_1938_02_08_15.jpg

    The A&P opened on Palisade Avenue in 1938. The store was Englewood's first large scale self-serve grocery story. Founded by George Gilman in 1859, by 1930 A&P was the largest retailer in the world and had captured a significant share of the country's "grocery" market. The consolidation of grocery retail markets into the hands of a few mega corporations gradually put most of the country's small grocery stores out of business, including my great grandfather's grocery store in Philadelphia. My great grandfather, like many grocers around the country, went out of business and went to work for the A&P.
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  • Ben's Barber Shop.png

    Ben's Barbershop was a barber shop created by Ben Peters in 1957. It became a community center for local men.
  • Bennigan's The_Record_1984_09_19_78.jpg
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  • Bower_Harris House 93 West Englewood Avenue.png
  • Brennon's Barber Shop.png

    Brennon's Barber Shop was run by William E. Brennon. He opened in 1962. The shop became a community hub for African American men from towns in the nearby vicinity.
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