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    Thomas J. Huckin was a Bergen County prosecutor and a judge. He graduated from the Englewood public school system. He became a district judge in 1912 and a prosecutor in 1915. He was a Bergen County Bar Association member and the Englewood Board of Education. He was also president of the Englewood Common Council. He was also the first exalted ruler of Elks Lodge #1157. 

    He married May E. Bentley in 1905. He had at least two sons, Richard Springer and Paul Thomas, who both were lawyers. His nephew Le Roy was a lawyer as well. 
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    Phoebe Seham was the founder and board president of the Englewood Women's Rights Infomation Center. She was also a member of The Advisory Commission on the Status of Women in Bergan County. She was a member of the Women's Rights Committee of the New Jersey Bar Association.

    She gave numerous lectures in local community centers and clubs about women's rights, violent crimes against women, discrimination, and women's suffrage.

    She graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 1954. Her husband was Martin Charles Seham. She had four children, Amy, Jenny, Lee, and Lucy.
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    Arnold Brown was born on April 12, 1932, in Englewood, Brown's family had deep roots in New Jersey and Englewood. Brown grew up in the 4th ward and attended Lincoln Elementary and Dwight Morrow High School. Brown graduated from Bowling Green State University and received his law degree in 1957 from Rutgers University. He practiced law from 1957 to 1986. 

    Brown became a key figure in the Civil Rights movement in Englewood as a leader of the NAACP and Urban League. He also founded the Du Bois Book Center, which focuses on African American Studies.

    In 1965, Brown became the first African American elected to the state legislature from Bergen County. In the 1980s and 1990s, Brown became a prominent historian of African American history in Bergen County.

    He married Lydia Barbara White in 1955. After her death, Brown married Gwendolyn Wertby. He has four children, Crystal L., Beverly M. Brown-Fitzhugh, Dale E. Brown-Davis, and Arnold E. 
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