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  • Sonny Mays The_Record_1930_09_03_16.jpg

    A popular light heavy weight boxer in the 1930s from Englewood's "Little Texas," neighborhood. Mays was also the doorman for the popular black owned Harlem-on-the-Hudson nightclub in Englewood Cliffs.
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    Thomas J. Huckin was a Bergen County prosecutor and a judge. He graduated from the Englewood public school system. He became a district judge in 1912 and a prosecutor in 1915. He was a Bergen County Bar Association member and the Englewood Board of Education. He was also president of the Englewood Common Council. He was also the first exalted ruler of Elks Lodge #1157. 

    He married May E. Bentley in 1905. He had at least two sons, Richard Springer and Paul Thomas, who both were lawyers. His nephew Le Roy was a lawyer as well. 
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    Charles F. Hunter was a member of the New Jersey Fish and Game Commission. He served as vice president of the organization. He was also exalted ruler of the Hackensack Elks Lodge #658. 
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    Alfred T. Holley was a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Military. He joined in 1889 and served in the Spanish-American War. He retired in 1909. He was a member of the B.P.O.E Hackensack Elks, Lodge 658, and was elected exalted ruler four times. He was also a businessman and was president of Holley and Smith coal and oil company.

    He married Alice Beatrice Herbert in April of 1914.
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    An award winning author of numerous biographies and social histories, Colman is also a well -known community activst in Englewood. A leader of the PTO during the 1982 Englewood Teachers' Strike, executive director of the Center for Food Action, and member of the Englewood Board of Education.
  • William Angus Booth The_Boston_Globe_1895_12_29_2.jpg
  • Cornelia P. Dwight.jpg

    Cornelia P. Dwight was a missionary of the American Board of Foreign Missions in Turkey. She was also a mathematics professor at Elmira College from 1886 to 1910. She was the daughter of minister Harrison Gray Otis Dwight. She was the half-sister of James Harrison Dwight.
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    Collette Walker Thompson is a pillar in Englewood's community. Born and raised in Englewood, Thompson has been active in the city's schools, churches, politics, and supported and nurtured several generations of the city's youth. Thompson has built one of the strongest block associations in Englewood, the Glenbrook Howell Block Association, which holds an annual block party and organizes to improve the neighborhoods infrastructure and appearance.
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