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  • Harlem-on-the-Hudsone The_Record_1938_10_07_20.jpg

    A popular black owned night club in Englewood Cliffs.
  • Madonna Park The_Record_1923_08_29_11.jpg

    Madonna Park near Forest Avenue and Williams Street became a center of boxing and baseball in the state of New Jersey in the 1920s. Negro League teams often played in the park, including Englewood's own Cubs and world famous boxers like Jack Dempsey would attend matches. Owned by the Knights of Columbus the Park became the Englewood Arena in 1930 and was operated by the Bergen County Sportsmen Club.
  • Bennigan's The_Record_1984_09_19_78.jpg
  • Downbeat Records.jpg
  • Music Manor.png
  • Dwight Chapel.jpg

    Dwight Chapel belonged to the First Presbyterian Church. The Church cornerstone was laid on February 22, 1869. It was finished in 1883 on Palisade Avenue and William Street. It was later moved to Palisade and Lafayette Avenues. 

    The first Reverand of the chapel was James Eells. He was succeeded on May 2, 1897, by Reverand Samuel Munce Hamilton. Reverand Bruce S. Wright was the third leader of the church from October to December 1918. Reverand Robert Davis served as minister in 1919. Reverand Carl H. Elmore began that same year and served until 1944. Reverand Sr. Edwin O. Kennedy succeeded him. 
  • The New Englewood Hotel.jpg

    The New Englewood Hotel opened on May 1, 1893. The building was owned by Eliza McGrath Sanderson and was leased by S. C. Stafford. The building burned down in November of the same year.
  • Grand Avenue Diner The_Record_1950_05_25_17.jpg

    The Grand Avenue Diner was a restaurant located on Grand Avenue in Englewood.
  • Englewood Paint and Glass Company The_Record_Fri__Apr_25__1952_.jpg

    The Englewood Paint and Glass Company was owned by Somuel and Sarah Goldstein.
  • Eleanor Harvey Park.jpg

    The Eleanor Harvey park was created at the home of Eleanor Harvey. The plan began in 2013 to change the property into a park.
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