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    A short paragraph explains how the Rev. T.W.L. Roundtree (likely I.W.L. Roundtree), the African Methodist Episcopal Church pastor in Englewood, was banned from Dwight Chapel due to a controversy with those who led the church. 
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    Cornelia P. Dwight was a missionary of the American Board of Foreign Missions in Turkey. She was also a mathematics professor at Elmira College from 1886 to 1910. She was the daughter of minister Harrison Gray Otis Dwight. She was the half-sister of James Harrison Dwight.
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    A newspaper article discusses the Bethany Presbyterian Church's 100-year celebration. The history of the church is covered as well.
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    The First Presbyterian Church was the first in Bergen County. The congregation began in 1859 and met at John M. Deuel's schoolhouse. A chapel was completed on March 25, 1860 and the first pastor was Reverand James Harrison.
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    Irwin William Langston "Dominie" Roundtree was a minister of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He was born into slavery sometime between 1855 and 1865. Princeton University alumni files place his birth on September 15, 1855.

    He was one of Princeton's earliest African American graduates, earning a Master of Arts in 1895. He served as pastor of the Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church in Trenton for twenty-five years. He also was heavily involved in politics in New Jersey. He ran for state government positions, specifically the State Board of Arbitration. He ran for Delegate-At-Large for the Republican Convention in 1936.

    He might have been in Englewood and involved with the AME church in the town in 1890 and 1891. 

    He married Fannie Colson on June 21, 1888.
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    An obituary for James Harrison Dwight. A memorial tablet was made in his honor.
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    James Harrison Dwight was the first minister of The First Presbyterian Church. This church is the oldest in Englewood. He served from 1860 to 1861. He continued after a leave of absence to serve in the Civil War. He resigned in 1867. He was the son of minister Harrison Gray Otis Dwight. His half-sister was Cornelia P. Dwight
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    A newspaper article discusses the history of the First Presbyterian Church in Englewood.
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    Dwight Chapel belonged to the First Presbyterian Church. The Church cornerstone was laid on February 22, 1869. It was finished in 1883 on Palisade Avenue and William Street. It was later moved to Palisade and Lafayette Avenues. 

    The first Reverand of the chapel was James Eells. He was succeeded on May 2, 1897, by Reverand Samuel Munce Hamilton. Reverand Bruce S. Wright was the third leader of the church from October to December 1918. Reverand Robert Davis served as minister in 1919. Reverand Carl H. Elmore began that same year and served until 1944. Reverand Sr. Edwin O. Kennedy succeeded him. 
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    Walter Taylor was a Reverand at Galilee United Methodist Church and the first ever black elected mayor in Englewood. Taylor went to Clark College and Gammon Theological Seminary. He came north to serve the Trinity Methodist Church in the Bronx from 1945 to 1952. Taylor took leadership at Galilee in 1952. Taylor was the mayor of Englewood from 1972 to 1975. He was also president of the Bergen County branch of the NAACP.

    He married Odella Wynkle. He had three children, Walter Taylor Jr., Mary Overton, and Susie England.
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