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    In 1941, Leroy McCloud became the second black teacher in Englewood’s public schools. The Board hired McLoud to teach industrial arts at the newly segregated all-black Lincoln Junior High School. McCloud also became the first black principal in the Englewood schools. He was the principal of Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Cleveland schools. He retired in 1982 but continued to be involved in school and lecturing. He now has an elementary school named after him located in Englewood. 

    He married Eula Davis in 1942. He had a son, Leroy.
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    Albert Moskin was the mayor of Englewood from 1954 to 1959. His political career began when he was appointed to the board of the Englewood Board of Police Commissioners. He served for 36 years in municipal and county governments. He was a councilman of the fourth ward from 1933 to 1951. He retired from public service in 1965 and worked as a pharmacist. He owned Moskin's Pharmacy on West Palisade Avenue from 1962 to 1980. He was a member of the Ahavath Torah.

    He was married to a woman named Rose. He had two sons, Donald and Alan. 
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    Born March 1, 1891 in Englewood New Jersey, Alexander Jackson grew up on William and Humphrey Street in the heart of Englewood's historic African American community.
    Jackson attended Lincoln and Liberty Schools, Englewood High School, Andover and Harvard University.

    In 1915, along with his friend Carter G Woodson, he co-founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life. The ASNL established Negro History Week in 1926, which would later become Black History Month. In 1917 Jackson also became one of the founders of the Chicago branch of the National Urban League. From 1921 to 1924 he was the assistant publisher of the Chicago Defender, the largest owned African American newspaper during that era. He became the general manager in 1925. Jackson was the president of the board of trustees of the Provident Hospital and Training School, which was the first African-American-owned and operated hospital in America.

    Jackson was married to Charlotte E. Walker in 1914. During this marriage, he had four children, Caroline Booth, Alexander Louis Jackson III, William Edward Jackson, and Winslow Loring Jackson. Charlotte died in 1928 and Jackson married Jana Lenas Booth who passed in 1966. His last wife was Marie Poston whom he married in 1968.
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    William "Bill" Wesley Willoughby was a professional basketball player born in Englewood. He attended Dwight-Morrow High School. He was one of the first high school players to be selected in an NBA draft in 1975. He played for the Atlanta Hawks, Buffalo Braves, Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, and the New Jersey Nets. His last season was in 1984.
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    Born in Englewood New Jersey in 1913, Helen Burke attended St. Cecilia school. In the 1930s, Helen Burke Travolta helped lay the foundation for a thriving community film and theater scene in northern New Jersey. She was a founding member of the Bergen County Cine Club and the Bergen County Players. She also directed the drama programs at Dwight Morrow High School and St. Cecilia High School.

    In 1937 she married Salvatore S. Travolta. She had six children, Ellen, Margaret, Anne, Sam, Joey, and John, all of whom pursued careers in the entertainment industry. 
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    John Joseph Travolta is an American actor and singer. Some of his more famous works are Carrie (1976), Grease (1978), Urban Cowboy (1980), and Blow Out (1981). He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his roles in Saturday Night Fever (1977) and Pulp Fiction (1994).

    Travolta was born in Englewood to Salvatore "Sam" and Helen Cecilia Burke Travolta. He was one of six children. His siblings were Ellen, Margaret, Anne, Sam, and Joey. They all pursued careers in entertainment. He married Kelly Preston in 1991. He had three children, Jett, Ella Bleu, and Benjamin
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    Irmari Nacht is a sculptor and co-president of the Englewood Historical Society.
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    Thomas William Lamont was an American banker. He graduated from Harvard in 1892. After the firm he was working for suffered financial problems, he helped reorganize the organization which was renamed Lamont, Corlis & Co. in 1898. He became the secretary and treasurer of Bankers Trust Co. in 1903. In 1911 he became the the youngest partner of J.P. Morgan Bank. He eventually became chairman of the Board of the bank. He also acted as a financial advisor during and after the World Wars for the United States, China, Japan, Mexico, and Germany. 

    He married Florence Haskell Corliss of Englewood, New Jersey in 1895. He had four children, Thomas Stilwell, Corliss, Austin, and Eleanor Allen Lamont Cunningham.
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    Corliss Lamont was an American socialist and philosopher. He received a degree from Harvard and spent 1924 at Oxford. He received a PhD from Columbia University and taught philosophy there. 

    During the 1930s he became involved in political activism becoming a board member and eventual director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). He wrote several books including The Philosophy of Humanism (1949). He admired the Soviet Union and was the head of the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship (NCASF). He was targeted as a communist by Joe McCarthy but was able to overturn the charges against him. While he supported Marxism, he never joined the Communist Party. In 1952 he ran for senator under the Labor Party and again in 1958 as an Independent-Socialist. In 1964 Lamont sued the Postmaster General for reading and refusing to deliver his mail. The justification was the anti-propaganda law of 1962 that allowed the Postmaster General to destroy possible communist political propaganda. The case went to the Supreme Court and Lamont v. Postmaster General deemed the law unconstitutional. 

    He married Margaret Hayes Irish on June 8, 1928. After they separated, he married Helen Boyden Lamb in 1962. She passed in 1975. His last marriage was to Beth Keehner. He had four children, Margaret "Margot" Hayes Heap, Florence Parmelee Antonides, Hayes Corliss, and Anne Sterling Jafferis.
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    William Walter Phelps was a United States Congressman and an ambassador to Germany and Austria-Hungary. He was elected to the House of Representatives twice. He served from 1873 to 1875 and from 1883 to 1889. He was the ambassador to Austria-Hungary from 1881 to 1882. He was the ambassador to Germany from 1889 to 1893. Toward the end of his life he served as a judge in Teaneck.

    His father was businessman John Jay Phelps I. He married Eleanor "Ellen" Maria Sheffield on July 26, 1860. He had three children. Lieutenant John Jay II, Colonel Sheffield "Ted", and Marian Phelps Peters. He lived in Teaneck and Englewood.