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Roundtree, Irwin William Langston "Dominie" (1855?-1948)



Roundtree, Irwin William Langston "Dominie" (1855?-1948)


Irwin William Langston "Dominie" Roundtree was a minister of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He was born into slavery sometime between 1855 and 1865. Princeton University alumni files place his birth on September 15, 1855.

He was one of Princeton's earliest African American graduates, earning a Master of Arts in 1895. He served as pastor of the Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church in Trenton for twenty-five years. He also was heavily involved in politics in New Jersey. He ran for state government positions, specifically the State Board of Arbitration. He ran for Delegate-At-Large for the Republican Convention in 1936.

He might have been in Englewood and involved with the AME church in the town in 1890 and 1891. 

He married Fannie Colson on June 21, 1888.


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Georgia, USA

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"Irwin William Langston Roundtree in Wright/Howell Family Tree", Ancestry.



“Roundtree, Irwin William Langston "Dominie" (1855?-1948),” Englewood Makes History, accessed July 12, 2024, http://englewoodmakeshistory.org/items/show/471.


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